Akademi Cevre KidZania Recycling Center Opened.

Our future generations, our children; Our KidZania Akademi Cevre Recycling Center, where they will experience the whole process from the separation of electronic waste to the contribution of recycling to the environment to train future Waste Management Experts for a sustainable future. At our KidZania Academy Environmental Recycling Center, we expect everyone to be a part of the sustainable world, to become a Waste Management Specialist.

Akademi Junior Promotional Film.

Hello friends, I am Mr. Akademi, today I will tell you how waste is recycled at the Akademi Cevre Recycling Facility.
Do we know what recycling is? Come on, let those who know, raise their hands. Recycling can be re-evaluated; Waste such as mobile phones, plastic bottles, glass jars, etc. is included in the production process as raw materials after going through various processes.
Well guys, do you know what waste is? Those who know, let's see. Waste; all kinds of materials that have been used and have reached the end of their useful life and cause harm to the environment in case of disposal to the environment.
We protect our environment from pollution by recycling our wastes and contribute to the national economy by re-use.
Let's have a look at what is being recycled at the Academy Environmental Recycling Facility!

To visit Akademi Çevre KidZania Recycling Center virtually https://kidzania.360gez.com/

We let our seas breathe with Zero Waste Blue.

Explorer Victor Vescovo broke a record by landing in the deepest point of the world, the Mariana Trench. However, none of us expected to encounter a plastic bag on the seafloor 11 km deep. Waste left unconsciously in nature is getting deeper every day. Deeper than we can clean it up again… However, it is in our hands to reverse this trend. With the Zero Waste Blue project, we protect our seas and water resources. We make our world breathe by collecting the wastes accumulated on the bottom of our seas.