Building Demolition and Dismantling Services

Building Demolition and Dismantling Services

Building Demolition and Dismantling Services are the processes of restoring aircraft, road and rail vehicles, sea vehicles, and factories or businesses that have been decided to terminate their activities in an environmentally friendly way. While dismantling services contribute to the national economy, the risk of destroying the environment during this service is an issue that should not be ignored.


  • By carrying out dismantling services under legal regulations, the effects that harm the environment and human health are minimized.
  • While the supply of spare parts to the relevant sectors is in question, second-hand materials will also be available to different sectors.
  • It is possible to gain high rates of important raw material metals such as aluminum and steel upon re-processing and shaping upon ensuring use in every sector.


  • If dismantling services are not carried out under legal regulations, many effects that will harm the environment and human health occur. It is possible that machine oils, heavy metals, asbestos, PAH, PCB, and other toxic substances spread to the environment during improper dismantling and threaten health.
  • There may be a large amount of excavation waste, a need for transportation and excavation sites.
  • Within the scope of this study, determining the types of wastes generated during ship dismantling, determining the amount of waste, reducing these wastes at the source, obtaining recyclable materials, environmental pollution, environmental pollution, occupational health, and how it should be disposed of was investigated by field study.

Matters That Need Attention

  • Dismantling services should be carried out with a "Dismantling Authorization Certificate" under the legal legislation.
  • Dismantling should not be done outside of the dismantling facilities.
  • Measures should be taken against all risks that may occur in the dismantling facility and its surroundings.