Corporate Sustainability Policy


Akademi Çevre A.Ş., in keeping with its Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Policy, is committed to strengthening its efforts in the social field.

To this end, all Akademi Çevre A.Ş companies are committed to the following:

Compliance with applicable national and international legal requirements, commitments entered into by the company with Interested Parties, (all parties with a legitimate interest and/or who are affected by its activities), and the norms of reference;

An absolute prohibition on child employment and a commitment to reject this form of labour if practised by suppliers/sub- contractors and sub-suppliers;

A ban on the employment of minors or other under-age children legally required to attend school; rejection of any working conditions found to be inhumane, exploitative, discriminatory or unsanitary;

Guarantee of decent pay which in all cases must be sufficient to meet the basic needs of all workers;

Compliance with applicable laws and industry standards on working hours, public holidays and vacations;

To guarantee equal opportunities and rejection of all forms of discrimination in the recruitment, remuneration, access to training, promotion, dismissal or retirement of workers, based on race, social class or national origin, caste, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, union membership, political opinions, age or any other condition that could give rise to discrimination;

A commitment to provide accurate safety information to all persons who for various reasons are stationed, even occasionally, in the work area, ensuring the availability, control and use of personal protective equipment;

Supporting and promoting welfare programmes to promote the well-being of individuals and to balance the relationship between the need for a private and professional life;

Continuous analysis and evaluation of information from Interested Parties, using such information as the basis for open and constructive dialogue for the identification of opportunities and development of strategies to achieve objectives to the parties’ mutual satisfaction;

Continuing development, training, motivation and empowerment of company personnel at all levels to ensure that the business is run by professionally qualified and responsible persons;

Commitment to the engagement and ongoing consultation of workers, through their health and safety representatives;

Preferential use of suppliers who can deliver products and services more compatible with the company’s ethical, environmental and safety objectives;

Based on the peace of the working environment and the happiness of the employees; To respect the dignity and personality of employees, not to use corporate punishment, not to allow verbal physical, psychological harassment, pressure, threat or coercion, The commitment to establish alternative methods for every employee to convey their wishes and complaints, to establish an appropriate working environment by timely and effective evaluation and feedback, and to not retaliate against the employee's wishes and complaints. Commitment to formally define measurable targets and improvement programs, commitment to periodically evaluate as part of the Management Review. Compliance with these commitments is required of all companies of the Akademi Çevre A.Ş.