As an institution, we are led based on the concept of "ecologically sustainable development" as our purpose is to minimize the environmental impacts caused by all our activities and to contribute to the protection of the environment. In respect to this vision we renew our company and adopt the principles as follow:                   

  • To comply all the related legal legislation and other obligations of our industry about environment. occupational health and safety,
  • To create Environment and OHS systems, operate the practice and constantly improve,
  • To reduce the waste that is caused by our facilities to the minimum on the spot and try to recycle as much as possible,
  • To reduce the waste by following the latest technological improvements and keep the performance of our facilities at most,
  • To minimize the use of the natural sources without constant works of improvement,
  • To raise the awareness about environment and occupational health and safety of all our employer and all people and the companies that we are in relation,
  • To increase our performance in OHS and environment constantly, and take the OHS and environment effects in consideration for our new investments,
  • To build an integrated system with continuous improvement that prevents all kinds of occupational accidents, occupational diseases, environmental damages, and inconveniences,
  • To respect the legal necessities of general law,
  • To examine the regular inspections by creating measurable performance indicators,
  • To create a supportive instruction culture that requires an observable leadership qualities and full liability,
  • To update the Environment and OHS processes regularly by determining the risks and requirements,
  • We commit to spread awareness to the partnered companies by having an effective communication that the designated purposes could be reach with employees reliable actions and contributions.
  • Working as a team with our company employees, in the light of the given principles we commit to meet the requirements of these policies and to continue our work and investments in order to take responsibility on environment and occupational health and safety, to continuously improve and refine upon our work, to meet the requirements of the customers, legal matters and other conditions.