Environmental Consultancy

Akademi Cevreprovides consultancy services to your company within the scope of the "Regulation on Environmental Management Services", "Environmental Audit Regulation", "Environmental Permit and License Regulation" and other Environmental Legislations, both within the framework of legal obligations and in line with your demands arising from the environmental sensitivity of your company.

Institutions, organizations , and enterprises that have obligations within the scope of the Environmental Permit and License Regulation are obliged to employ environmental officer/officers or obtain environmental consultancy services from environmental consultancy companies to evaluate the compliance of their activities with the regulation, whether the measures taken are effectively implemented or not, and to carry out annual internal audits.

Within the scope of the relevant regulations, our company evaluates your business, creates a status report by making a scope determination study,  Akademi Cevre   drawing the most accurate road map as a result of the report, and obtaining the necessary Environmental Permit and License within the scope of environmental consultancy service provided by us. Environmental Officers are assigned to your facilities within the period specified in the regulations.

For companies that are not covered by the Environmental Permit License Regulation, a Letter of Environmental Permit Out of Scope is received, and the legal notification and declaration obligations are fulfilled by us in full within the periods specified in the regulations.

Environmental Consultancy

Lists on Environmental Permit and License Regulation;

  1. a) a) Businesses with a high level of polluting effects on the environmentAnnex-1 List
  2. b) Businesses with polluting effects on the environmentAnnex2 List

The liabilities of the facilities or activities listed above;

  • Annex-1 Activities or facilities included in Annex-1 list; Establish the Environmental Management Unit and/or receive services from authorized Environmental Consultancy firms,
  • Annex-2 Activities or facilities included in Annex-2 list; employ at least one Environmental Officer and/or receive service from Environmental Consultancy companies,
  • Organized Industrial Zones; employ at least one Environmental Officer within their management or receive service from Environmental Consultancy companies or establish an Environmental Management Unit,
  • Municipalities, Special Provincial Administrations and Local Administration Unions or their affiliates;  They receive environmental management services by employing at least one environmental officer to environmentally manage the facilities or activities listed in Annex-1 and Annex-2 or establishing an environmental management unit or conducting environmental activities from authorized environmental consultancy firms,
  • From health institutions and hospitals , those with a bed capacity of 20 and above can hire at least one environmental officer or establish an environmental management unit or receive service from authorized environmental consultancy firms.


  1. Environmental Consultancy
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  4. Governorship Detection Report
  5. Environmental Permit and License
  6. Wastewater Discharge Permit and License
  7. General Waste Management