Product Storage Service

Our company provides the separation of waste electrical and electronic equipment and waste accumulators, which are collected separately or mixed with many waste groups, physically after receipt by physical handling and/or machine system, and then the basic group, type, evaluation method, and quality classification and the next shipment.

Our company provides the separation of waste electrical, electronic equipment and waste accumulators that have been collected separately or mixed with many waste groups. Our company offers a product storage after dismantling them physically and with machinery. After we classify the products, we offer storage services until next shipment.

Method of Evaluation

Products in the form and quality suitable for export are classified and evaluated separately from the materials that can be evaluated in domestic facilities, considering the transportation, customs, storage, and labor costs.

Quality Classification

The quality of the wastes, which are separated according to domestic and international evaluation methods, is determined according to the values ​​they contain, and the weighing result and product quality class are labeled on the pallet/parcel with the labeling system.

Points to Take into Consideration During the Storage of Electrical-Electronic Wastes

  • Wastes should be stored on a sealed floor in a closed environment within a sufficient area.
  • All elements that may threaten worker health and worker safety that may be caused by wastes should be eliminated, and necessary warning warnings and signs should be hung inappropriate places.
  • The risk of the storage conditions to spoil the aesthetics of the environment should be eliminated and the elements that may cause visual pollution should be eliminated. Different types of wastes should be collected in separate compartmentalized areas in suitable collection and/or stacking containers.
  • Storage area, rain, flood, earthquake, fire, and so on. First response measures should be taken during natural disasters and accidents, taking into account the damages that may be incurred under the conditions, technical information and training should be given to the personnel and equipment that may be needed should be provided.
  • Employees who have been trained and have experience in the warehouse area are required to work.
  • Records must be taken under control by processing all wastes that are accepted to the landfill and taken to or discharged from another area to the daily database.
  • A reporting system should be established by taking into account factors such as capacity, efficiency, supply, demand, needs, and deficiencies.