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What is Refrigerator Recycling?

As an integrated waste management company licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, we control the dangerous CFC gases contained in the products released by refrigerator manufacturers after completing their product life cycle. We provide end-to-end monitoring of products at their disposal points and providing feedback to companies on low carbon management.
We monitor our carbon emissions and make improvements. Recycling of each Refrigerator 1.020 kg CO2 equivalent R12 gas and 1.746 kg CO2 equivalent R11 gas is prevented from being released into the atmosphere. The number of refrigerators recycled by working in a single shift is 76,800 pieces/year, and the emission of 212,428 tons of CO2 equivalent per year has been prevented. This amount is equivalent to the CO2 produced by the vehicle 22 in driving distance of 10,000 km, which is equivalent to Turkey's east to west about 134 tour. At the same time, 37.40 kg of raw materials were recovered per refrigerator within the scope of the project. Thus, eliminating CO2 emissions during resource use of a total of 2,872 tons of raw materials.

Large refrigerators, refrigerators freezers, other large appliances used for cooling, preserving, and preserving food, air conditioning devices, other large white goods, etc. are Electronic waste falling under the refrigerator and white goods category. When white goods complete their life cycle and become idle, are not processed in licensed facilities the hazardous gases and other substances will cause serious damage to the environment and human health.