Refuse-Derived Fuel

What is ATY (Waste Derived Fuel) and What Are Its Benefits?

Fuel Derived from Waste is a fuel type that is preferred in sectors with intense energy need such as fossil fuel using sectors. It is widely used in our country and the world, as an alternative fuel in cement factories.

Access to energy and use of resources has an important place in the economic policy of every country. The correct supply and proper use of energy increases the amount of energy that can be obtained. As an example in this regard, the amount of net energy it releases by using industrial wastes can reach up to 5,000 kcal / kg. Providing a homogeneous mixture, the wastes are shipped to facilities with Co-Incineration and Incineration licenses, subject to incineration as Waste Derived Fuel ATY. The use of alternative fuels in cement production helps to reduce the negative effects of the sector on the environment while increasing the environmental performance. Alternative fuels; It ensures the management of wastes for the benefit of the society and reduces the use of these non-recyclable resources without the re-impact of non-recyclable resources on the environment. At the same time, necessary measures are taken to ensure that waste-sourced fuel is prepared in a way that does not harm human health and the environment.

Akademi Cevre ATY, located in Kartepe, Kocaeli, provides a wide range of waste management services required by industrial enterprises. Akademi Cevre ATY’s s management structure, human resources policy, and transparency make us the best facility in Turkey.