All the documents of business procedures of our institution are being conducted and gathered to an electronic environment. Thereby the security of all these processes are conformant to the ISO 27001 standards.

Our goal as the Akademi Çevre A.Ş is to provide security for all kinds of information data related to business procedures , to protect the integrity of the documents from unauthorized changes, to provide accessibility and availability for the authorized, by meeting the ISO 27001 requirements.

Our purpose as the personal of the Akademi Çevre A.Ş are as follows:

  1. To protect the reliability and image of our institution and customers,
  2. To stick to the legal legislation and agreements that are conducted with the third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers), establishing control through all the processes.
  3. To determine the possible risks and manage them systematically.
  4. To provide all kinds of education and technical support that would help us achieve our goals.