Product and Data Destruction

Protection of Your Personal Data

Deleting files on your hard disk does not mean that your data is completely erased, this process shows the user that the disk is empty. People who have some knowledge and experience on this subject can access your data. Akademi Çevre is a company that has the infrastructure to produce fast solutions to your different requests with Data Destruction Service.

Completely Destroyed Hard Disk and Physical Partitioning

Our data destruction service offers permanent solutions that will make it impossible to reuse the data on your disks with processes following the standards applied in the United States.

Destruction of Credit Cards, POS Devices, and Sim-Cards in Mobile Phones

Turkey's production of credit cards, showing an increase of approximately 2.5% per year on average to find the 45 million units. Credit cards contain all the data of the user in the chips they carry. Also, an annual average of 7 million pos devices become unrepairable/unusable after being imported or manufactured domestically, and nearly 10 million sim-cards are used with these pos devices, and close to 5 million sim-cards can be used with mobile phones or It is discarded together with the information it carries separately.

We Care About Your Information Security

  • Cutting credit cards (into burr or granules) with high-tech cutting machines,
  • Checking whether the cut parts, especially the chip parts, have been destroyed by physical examination,
  • Making the chips that are not destroyed unusable by hand tools procedure,
  • Photographing the final products in groups and transmitting them to the relevant persons and/or organizations, and
  • Separating the extracted plastics and coating groups according to their classes and transferring them to the melting facilities after being collected.

Video Cassettes, Image CDs and DVDs, Memory Cards, Removable Discs, etc. Other Registration Units

mage and sound recorders, photography equipment, information backup, and transport units, etc. It has become a common problem that all kinds of data we have stored after the use of the products are lost or captured by malicious people. To protect the product value and prevent the sale of the products caused by wrong production or excess production, they must be destroyed to protect the manufacturer. CD and DVD today in Turkey's completely disintegrated after making the composite melt can be used for new production.

Our company offers the service of making all such products ready for recycling after crushing them in the press machine in terms of your information secure and not to use the second-hand product.