Sludge Dewatering

Fully Authorized Service Provider

You can transfer all aspects of your sludge dewatering processes to Akademi Cevre INC. Our expert staff, who offer total solutions for your sludge treatment process, can dehydrate your sludge with temporary or permanent projects using permanent systems or mobile units. By dehydrating the sludge in your facility, we significantly reduce the volume to be transported. By this, you save transportation and disposal costs.

Sustainable and cost-effective solutions for your sludge

Sludge from your manufacturing process or treatment system may not always be a topic you follow, but it can seriously damage your core business which can cause high costs.

Detailed Sample Analysis In Our Laboratory

We take a detailed look at your process in advance, including sampling, to provide you with a customized solution. In our laboratory, we subject your sludge samples to a comprehensive test program to determine the best formula and dewatering technique. Then we turn the test results into a specific, practical solution for you to work then smoothly into your facility.

Mobile Solutions

With our mobile fleet and innovative technologies, we can dehydrate the sludge in your facility. Our experienced and trained operators provide maximum efficiency by operating sludge dewatering systems. Various dewatering techniques are possible, depending on the composition of the sludge.

Permanent Solutions

In addition to mobile solutions, Akademi Cevre INC. provides permanent solutions for sludge dewatering in your facility. With one-to-one consulting services and transparency, we design and build a customized system that fits your budget. Our maintenance department and backup systems guarantee maximum operational reliability.

24/7 Call Service, Detailed Sample Analysis In Our Laboratory

The last thing our customers want is for their production to stop or environmental events as a result of problems with the processing of sludge or wastewater. Akademi Cevre INC. has a 24/7 call service to assist you. With our mobile units, we can take over your sludge dewatering process in a short time and find solutions to your problems instantly.


We have successfully implemented successful sludge dewatering projects for the refinery and various industries. Our priority in all our projects is to design systems that cause the least damage to the environment.