Small Household Appliances

What Are Small Household Appliances?

Vacuum cleaners, Carpet washing machines, Other cleaning machines, Knitting, Weaving, sewing machines and other fabric processing machines, Ironing machines, ironing, and other garment care tools, Toasters, Toasters, Grinders, coffee machines, packaging devices, Electric knives, Haircuts, hairdryers, brushing teeth, shaving, massage, and other body care devices, Wall and wristwatches and other devices used for measuring and displaying or recording time, are small household appliances within the definition of electrical and electronic equipment.

E-Waste and Sustainable Development Goals

It is seen that the e-waste sector has a very important place in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) goals. The presence of very dangerous elements such as lead, mercury, and cadmium in electronic waste poses a great health hazard for all living things. In addition to these, the management of e-waste creates different business areas, provides employment opportunities, and we support the Sustainable Development Goals in economic terms by providing different opportunities to entrepreneurs.

Why Small Appliances Should Be Recycled?

If the entering the refrigerant group used both in our homes and in the industry, when electronic products complete life cycle and become idle, the hazardous gases and others will cause serious damage to the environment and human health. recycle old and idle Small Household Appliances in our licensed facility, which operates under environmental legislation.