Sustainability Reports

What is a Sustainability Report?

Regardless of its scale, Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is a concept that exists in the focus of every institution, even if only a little. Efforts for the well-being of society and the protection of the planet, which includes purely human goals such as eradicating poverty, protecting our planet, fighting inequality and injustice.

Why Is Sustainability Report Important?

Some situations that we previously accepted as “it is worthwhile” are now seen as indispensable for the long-term financial success of companies, and sustainability plays a central role in running business. How a company's activities affect the environment and society and how this shapes the business model are among the issues that need to be focused first. Companies are expected to determine the environmental and social impacts of business models, serve a purpose beyond profit, and take responsibilities by managing this situation with Sustainable Development Goals.

As Akademi Çevre, we carry out our Sustainability activities with a purpose beyond profit and we share this with all our stakeholders. We look forward to sharing our Sustainability Report, which we prepared as the output of all these processes. Follow us to reach our up-to-date reports.